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About Us

Foot & Sole Podiatry is a modern boutique practice located in Torrensville South Australia


Foot & Sole Podiatry Torrensville has a range of services to take care of your feet from the Foot to the Sole

Our Team

Friendly and passionate Podiatrists with extensive experience across all areas of Podiatry.

A Podiatrist can assess a child’s feet and lower limb issues at any age. As children grow very quickly, so can things change rapidly in the feet. Monitoring that development carefully can help to identify any issues that may arise and allow them to be dealt with sooner rather than later in adulthood.

As Podiatrists we know the importance of having correct, supportive and comfortable shoes to keep you pain free on your feet. The Podiatrists at Foot & Sole Podiatry can also guide you to various footwear providers to supply you the most suitable shoe for your needs to ensure they fit well and last a long time.

Opening Hours

By Appointment
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
By Appointment
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
By Appointment
9:00 AM - 12:00PM
Wide Range of Services

Podiatry for all ages, dry needing, general nail and foot care, footwear assessments, orthotic therapy, nail surgery and more.

High Quality Care

We will make every effort to ensure our patients get the best outcome for their feet without compromising on service and care.

We can Come to You

Our experienced podiatrists have a fully equipped mobile service to offer home visits for people having difficulty accessing our clinic.

We take care of your feet from the Foot to the Sole

Qualified Doctors

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Dr Lawrence Soto
Dr Patrick Burton
Dr Catherine Castillo
Dr Alexander Burns

Customised Treatment & Services to get you back on your feet

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Toenails help protect the sensitive tissues in our toes, but can cause severe pain if they cut into the toes. The feet endure a lot of stresses and strains walking, running, wearing shoes, working and playing sport....

Everyone will experience some sort of foot related issue in their lifetime so it’s important to know when and if you need to see a Podiatrist....

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