Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Preventing Fungal Nail Infections

So, how can you avoid the need for fungal nail infection treatment all together? Well, this type of infection is caused by fungal organisms called dermatophytes which can be found on skin, hair and nails. The fungus generally accumulates in warm, dark and moist environments—so it’s no surprise why toenails are subject to infection.

Likelihood of occurrence is increased by underlying health issues such as Diabetes or Psoriasis. However, there are several things you can do in your daily routine to minimise your susceptibility. This includes:

  • Practicing good hygiene—regularly washing your feet and drying them off properly.
  • Opting for breathable socks & footwear—to prevent a build-up of moisture.
  • Investing in anti-fungal detergents—which can be used to wash socks and footwear.

As experts in fungal nail infection treatment, Foot & Sole Podiatry will provide you with more preventative advice to optimise your foot health!

Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Our Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

Many over-the-counter fungal nail infection treatment options don’t effectively rid the problem, leading to reoccurrence and continued discomfort. At Foot & Sole Podiatry, we always strive to deliver long-term results to minimise the inconvenience, financial burden and general irritation associated with your foot concerns.

Foot & Sole Podiatry specialises in fungal nail infection treatment. We’ll firstly undertake a comprehensive assessment to confirm the diagnosis, before customising your treatment accordingly. We strive to make this experience as relaxing for you as possible, as we understand it can be uncomfortable exposing these types of problems.

There are various methods of treatment for this issue, depending on the severity, your preference and budget. This might include oral medication, which requires a prescription from a qualified podiatrist, or topical medications and creams. Laser therapy is now also available to clear up the infection, which effectively penetrates the nail to eliminate the fungal cells.

Why You Should Choose Foot & Sole Podiatry

If you think you might require fungal nail infection treatment, you can put your trust in Foot & Sole Podiatry. Our team is led by qualified and passionate podiatrist: Roseana Haddad. Roseana is passionate about restoring comfort and foot health to help you get back on your feet in no time.

We provide a wide range of services to target varying foot concerns. This covers diabetes assessments, nail surgery, children’s podiatry, foot mobilisation therapy and more. Fuelled by a commitment to customer service, we even offer a mobile at-home service to accommodate those who have trouble accessing our clinic. We arrive equipped with advanced tools and expertise that prepares us for any foot concerns.

Roseana is continually progressing her skills and knowledge to deliver the most effective treatment plans. As a boutique service, we pride ourselves on our personalised management approach. Our customers receive attentive care and brilliant communication.

For effective fungal nail infection treatment, choose Foot & Sole Podiatry. Our level of care will exude from the moment you make contact with our professional team. Call us to secure your appointment on (08) 8450 2830!

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