Toenail Infection Treatment

When You Need Treatment For A Toenail Infection

Our podiatrist is trained in the diagnosis, assessment and toenail infection treatment. Toenail infections can occur due to several factors. Ingrown toenails are a common issue people experience, and more often than not lead to infection. They develop due to a sharp section of nail that indents or pierces the side of the toenail fold.

This can be quite uncomfortable, causing redness, inflammation, pain, and on occasion, leading to infection. Our podiatrist is trained to deal with several general foot and toenail issues. We can provide treatment and management for thickened or discoloured toenails, toenail fungus, ingrown toenails, and general toenail care.

We tailor our treatment solutions to suit your needs and provide you with regular maintenance advice to ensure the health of your feet between visits. If you require toenail infection treatmentbook an appointment with our principal podiatrist, Roseana Haddad

Toenail Infection Treatment

The Experts In Foot Care

Director and principal podiatrist, Roseana Haddad, is passionate about providing a positive experience for all foot care issues including toenail infection treatment. With extensive experience across all areas of podiatry, she can provide diagnosis and treatment within the following foot care services:

  • General Foot & Nail Care
  • Podi-Pedi Foot Treatment
  • Diabetes Assessments
  • Nail Surgery
  • Children’s Podiatry
  • Biomechanical Assessments
  • Orthotic Therapy
  • Footwear Assessments
  • Foot Mobilisation Therapy
  • Dry Needling
  • Prolotherapy
  • Home Visits

We believe that if your feet are happy so is the rest of your body. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on patient experience and comfort. Our team at Foot & Sole Podiatry go above and beyond to ensure that every patient receives the best outcome suited to their needs and lifestyle.

We Care About You

The care and attention we deliver for each of our toenail infection treatment patients are shown through the reputation we have built as gentle, professional and caring. Our range of services are selected to cover any foot or toe problems, from foot mobility therapy to nail surgery. If you have difficulty accessing our clinic we bring our high-quality podiatry treatment to your home. Here is what some of our patients have said about their experience with our podiatrist:

“The podiatrist was so caring, gentle and wise with the way she responded to my needs. She asked me lots of questions, asked me to stand in different ways, examined my foot and then diagnosed the condition.”

“The attention to detail and care provided was second to none. Roseana did a great job explaining to me in detail about my foot issue.”

For a high-quality tailored assessment and treatment for your toenail infection treatment, trust our Podiatrist. With foot and toe care ranging from nail surgery to toe fungus treatment, we cover all foot care issues. Contact our team today on (08) 8450 2830 or book online.

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