Toe Fungus Treatment

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Are you looking for a dependable team to provide toe fungus treatment? Foot & Sole Podiatry are the specialists in foot care, providing both fast remediation and long-term management plans to optimise health and comfort. Led by qualified, highly trained and passionate Principal Podiatrist, Roseana Haddad, Foot & Sole Podiatry delivers a level of care like no other.

Our practice is built on the foundation of integrity and attention to detail. Every service begins with a comprehensive assessment that enables us to tailor our treatments to your specific circumstance. We have a wide range of treatment solutions available that are designed to:

  • Restore skin and nail health
  • Improve posture
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Repair weakened or torn ligaments
  • Improve circulation and more.

Through services like our Biomechanical Assessment, we also run tests and examinations that provide us with data to help improve various areas of athleticism.

Toe Fungus Treatment

Our Toe Fungus Treatment

Unsure if you need toe fungus treatment? Fungus growth is generally easy to diagnose, with symptoms like nail discolouration, thickening of the skin & nails, and brittleness. It can also end up causing pain and emanating a slightly foul odour if left untreated.

Skin & nail care is one of our core areas of expertise. We can even provide affordable and effective toe fungus treatment in the comfort of your very own home! We’ll first assess the issue to ensure our treatment method is suitable for your needs. Whether it’s a once-off treatment or on-going remediation plan, we promise fantastic communication to give you confidence in our service.

Education is also a vital aspect of our work because issues continue to occur if the right hygiene habits haven’t been instilled. We’ll offer advice and step by step care routines to help you maintain fantastic foot health between visits.

Why Can You Trust Foot & Sole Podiatry for Your Treatments

Choosing Foot & Sole Podiatry for your toe fungus treatment is undoubtedly the best decision you can make for your foot health. Because while there’s a range of over the counter products that claim wonders, the performance is never guaranteed.

Clients can trust that our methods are proven and practiced by leading professionals in the field. This certainty stems from the commitment of our Principal Podiatrist, Roseana Haddad, who is fully qualified and trained in all areas of Podiatry. Through ongoing education and development, Roseana has brought a level of expertise to our practice that stands unrivalled in the local community.

The entire Foot & Sole ethos is centred around comfort and care, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience with our specialists. We’re highly responsive to your enquiries and stick to fair and reasonable pricing for all treatments. Call us to book your toe fungus treatment today!

Whether you require dry needling or toe fungus treatment, you can rest assured that Foot & Sole Podiatry will offer a long-term solution to meet your needs. Restore your foot health today with expertise from our highly trained and professional podiatrist! Call (08) 8450 2830 or send your emails to

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